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Meet The Staff

Paul Coleman

President of Sun Travel

I am a native El Pasoan and a 3rd generation owner of Sun Travel. I joined the family business in 1994, after spending 5 years working in the oil refining business in Corpus Christi. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and an MBA from Texas A&M - Corpus Christi. My hobbies include golf, hunting, fishing, playing the piano and spending time with my wife and children. I love to travel, and my favorite destinations include Israel, Jordan, South Africa, Italy, Scotland, and anywhere a cruise ship sails.

Erin Hirzel

General Manager of Sun Travel

I have worked at Sun Travel since 1979. My first duties were delivering airline tickets and filing brochures while I attended UTEP. I became accounting manager in 1986 after my graduation with a degree in Business Management. In 1991, I was promoted to General Manager and as such I oversee Human Resources, IT management, and Accounting. I’m also always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our agency and make the duties of our agents easier so as to better assist our clientele. I enjoy the opportunity working for a travel agency affords in opportunities to travel to and experience new places. I enjoy tennis, reading and spending time with my family.

Kathleen Coleman

Leisure Marketing Manager of Sun Travel

I am a 5th generation El Pasoan who has been married to Paul since 1992. I have a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Texas A&M University and have been involved in marketing for several companies. I took an official role in Sun Travel as the Leisure Marketing Manager in May of 2009, although Paul and I have been hosting groups since returning to El Paso in 1994. Our host opportunities include leading groups to the Caribbean, Europe, Costa Rica, Mexico, and most recently, Israel and Jordan. I enjoy traveling, spending time with family, running, and reading. My favorite destinations include the Holy Land, South Africa, Scotland and Italy.

Sylvia Alatorre

Corporate Sales Manager

My career in the travel industry began in 1991, and I have had the pleasure to work in a number of areas within the industry. Not only have I been involved in planning travel, but I also have years of experience in the sales of travel, tourism, hotel, and hospitality areas. Currently, I am the manager of the Sun Travel Corporate Sales Department of Sun Travel, where we focus on consulting and assisting businesses in the best ways to meet their travel needs and allow their employees more time to devote to work. I am extremely honored to work with a Homegrown El Paso business and such amazing travel professionals.

Isabelle Caballero

Branch Manager of Sun Travel

I have been in the travel industry since 1989 and with Sun Travel since 2001. Each day always brings new challenges and discoveries. It’s always a pleasure to work with so many different people and with such a multitude of exciting destinations. A pleased client is the greatest reward you can have.

Chayo Gandara

Elite Travel Specialist

I have been in the travel business since 1990 and came to Sun Travel in 1997. I have traveled to Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and United States. I enjoy reading and traveling.

Mary Mathis

Elite Travel Specialist

I have been in the travel business since 1989 and have worked for Sun Travel as a corporate travel consultant since 1996. I truly love my job and enjoy organizing client’s travel, whether for business or for that long awaited, well deserved vacation. Travel changes from day to day with new products and rules, so I never get bored. I have developed long-term working relationships with my clients that enables me to give them the specialized service they have grown accustomed to when working with Sun Travel. My favorite type of travel is cruising because of its’ one-stop shopping. You unpack once, yet have the opportunity to experience several ports of call. Plus, cruising is becoming so widespread, it is easy to visit a good portion of the world by ship. I enjoy organizing and escorting an annual group cruise each December. If I am planning on just one location, my husband Joe and I like Aruba the best, with its beautiful white beaches, friendly people, shopping and dining. Outside of the office I stay just as busy with our classic cars and doing our part for our corvette clubs. I truly enjoy my job, and believe that Sun Travel is one of the best places to work. The agency is well respected in the industry and I am proud to be a part of it.

Maria Maldonado

Elite Travel Specialist

Specialist I have been in the travel industry since 1987, and with Sun Travel since 2002. I have met the requirements for being named an Elite Travel Specialist twice and I’m very proud of this accomplishment. I’m a Walt Disney Travel Specialist, including Disney Cruises. I’m also an Elite Travel Specialist when it comes to Europe. I have been selling escorted tours to Europe and Eastern Europe with Insights, Trafalgar and Globus vacations and I plan European independent vacations with Classic Vacations, a company I have learned to love for their excellent product and superb customer service. In addition, I plan tours Russia and the Middle and Far East and I am also a Hawaii Specialist. I take pride in planning your vacation to any place in the world and I make sure all of your expectations are met and exceeded. I have superior experience selling cruises all over the world and will help you with any visa requirements for any country. My biggest satisfaction comes from helping my clients go on their dream vacation.

Liz Deaner

Elite Travel Specialist

I have been in the Travel Industry since 1982, and have enjoyed this profession immensely. It has been challenging and fulfilling while broadening my perspective of the world. Travel has been my passion since I can remember, so working in this industry has enabled me to live my Dream. Therefore, when I work with my clients, giving of myself to meet their needs comes naturally because if I do not satisfy my clients, somebody else will. Being a travel consultant also has its benefits. I have had the opportunity to travel the world over, visiting 5 continents and 20 U. S. Cities. When I am not working I enjoy working out in the gym, yoga, cooking, dancing, listening to jazz, and of course, traveling. I am proud and excited to be a part of the Sun Travel team as well as a Sun Travel Elite Specialist. In 2010 I received the Helen Semple Award of Excellence and I was a Top Producer in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Jane Santo

Travel Specialist

Sailing the seas is in my blood. I sailed with my father starting at the age of five, and graduated to cruising when I was a teenager. Since then I have cruised on over thirty cruises on over ten different cruise lines. During the fifteen years that I have been a travel consultant, my own experiences have served to guide my customers with their vacation plans. I began working for Sun Travel when I met Kathleen & Paul on a Regent Cruise in England. Working as a travel consultant based on the east coast, I have a unique perspective on cruise ships sailing from a variety of ports including the East Coast, the West Coast, the Southern Ports, Caribbean, Europe and the Southern Hemisphere. In addition to my experience booking cruise vacations, I also offer complete vacation planning assistance.

Angelica Figueroa

Elite Travel Specialist

I have been in the travel industry since 1981 and I came to Sun Travel in 1994. I love to travel, but the best part of being a travel consultant is meeting so many interesting people and helping them to make their travel dreams come true. I have taken over 32 cruises and I am a Kauai and Disney specialist.

Ann Sparks

Elite Travel Specialist

I have been in the travel business since 1991, and associated with Sun Travel since 1997. I have traveled to 5 continents and continue to get excited about traveling to new places. I love to help my clients plan their excursions to the many different fascinating and beautiful places throughout the world. The individual tastes of travelers can be very different, which makes the planning even more exciting. I am available Monday through Friday and welcome the opportunity to assist in planning your next amazing trip.

Lenore Kobren

Elite Travel Specialist

I have taken over 40 cruises to destinations in the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Alaska, and Mexico. Not only have these trips provided me with treasured memories, but they have given me the tools I need to help clients. Brochures are nice, but no tool is more useful than having actually been to a destination, or experienced a particular cruise line. My first-hand knowledge allows me to impart my experience and enthusiasm to better serve my clients. I have experience selling almost every travel destination, but consider myself an “expert” on cruising and land tours. I have been to Israel, Australia, and New Zealand multiple times. Hawaii and the beach areas in Mexico are also my forte. My zeal for travel is expressed in the presentations to my clients.

Liz Sanchez

Travel Specialist

I first came to Sun Travel in 1996 and then moved to California in 2000. When I came back to El Paso, I worked for an airline before returning to Sun Travel in 2011. My travels include France, Spain, England, Germany, Austria, Belgium and extensive adventures throughout the U.S. I have cruised through the Greek Islands, most of the Caribbean, Mexico, and Panama. I believe these experiences enable me to provide the best service possible to my clients.

Isaac Armendariz

Travel Specialist

I began my career in the travel industry in 2016 as an exclusive Disney travel agent and joined the Sun Travel team in 2017. Previously I worked as a Biomedical Imaging technician. I enjoy working with people and planning their many travel adventures. Nothing makes me happier than to hear about a client’s amazing vacation.

Maggie Barraza

Travel Specialist

I have been in the travel business since 2000 and joined the Sun Travel team in 2017. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at El Paso. I enjoy traveling, running, and yoga. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Dolores Veytia Dunbar

Travel Specialist

I am a third generation El Pasoan, and have served the community for over 25 years in various marketing positions. I am passionate about travel! I lived in South America and have traveled throughout the Latin Countries. My husband’s insatiable desire to find the best food and wine in the world has taken us all over Europe and on many cruises of the seas. . Although I enjoy the fabulous restaurants, my love is the outdoors, active, and adventurous places of this world. I am excited to bring you Sun Travel’s experience and expertise in leisure travel almost anywhere you want to go! I believe Travel is for EVERYONE!

Rosa Mendoza

Travel Specialist

My travel industry experience began in 1989 and since then I have had the pleasure of taking care of my clients’ business travel as well, as their personal and family travel. I joined the Sun Travel Corporate Team in May 2014 and look forward to making travel easier on our busy corporate clients.

Alma Martinez

Travel Specialist

I began my travel agent career in 1987 where I worked for an international company in Mexico. I joined the Sun Travel Team in April 2015. I love meeting people and serve them with enthusiasm. Places I have traveled to are...Mexico, Spain, Israel, Germany, Greece, United States and have sailed on many cruise lines to the Caribbean.

Shirley Nussbaum

Travel Specialist

I have been a travel consultant since 1979, and came to Sun Travel 1996. I am involved in all aspects of travel: corporate, leisure, groups, and independent travel. I have extensive experience in cruising and tours. My goal is to provide hassle-free travel and the very best value for your money.

Agnes Brock

Elite Travel Specialist

I first came to Sun Travel, the best agency anywhere, in 1979. I left twice for a brief time but came back to do the work I love. This is the best job in the world, living vicariously through other people's travel. I now live in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and through the miracle of modern technology, I can live in Paradise and still work for the best agency ever.

Debbie Berryhill

Travel Specialist

My career as a travel consultant began in 1979, but my love of travel started soon after birth! Being an Army Brat, I have been stationed at many different bases all around the world. I love the planning of a trip and creating those lasting memories. My many years of training, creating, and experience bring clients back. I look forward to working with the many referrals that come from my happy, returning clients. Along with leisure clients, I work with numerous corporate clients as well. I have been a part of the Sun Travel family since 1985. Thanks to modern technology I am privileged to be a home based travel consultant working with Sun Travel while living on the Sun Coast of Florida.

Stephanie Smith

Travel Specialist

I am excited to be back at home in the desert Southwest after living and traveling around the world for the past 25 years. My life experiences have taken me to over thirty five states, and overseas to Spain, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. The best thing about traveling and living in all of these different places? The lifelong friendships and memories that I have made. I have over 28 years of business experience, including the last 2 years working for a state university as their Travel Specialist. I was responsible for scheduling travel for 17 collegiate athletic teams, including commercial air, charter air, hotels, charter buses, rental vehicles, shuttles, banquet orders and more. I was able to develop relationships with preferred vendors across the country with preferred pricing for athletic teams, recruiting and administrative travel. I’m passionate about life and living each moment to the fullest. Where will tomorrow take you?

Claudia Main

Travel Specialist

I have been associated with Sun Travel since June 2008, working initially from El Paso, but available throughout the US and Mexico by phone and email. I started my career in the travel industry in 1990 in Mexico City, Mexico and owned a very successful travel agency for 10 years. In 2000 I moved to Germany and worked 7 years providing leisure and official travel to US military members and their families. I have lived in Mexico, the United States (Texas, New Mexico and California), Germany, and Turkey and I now reside in Anchorage, Alaska. I have been able to meet many people and see many different places, which helps me immeasurably as travel consultant. I am passionate about traveling and have visited Central and South America, Canada, Europe, U.S.A., and Mexico either by land, air, or cruise. I enjoy booking cruises and tours in or around Europe. Through the years, I have learned to book all aspects of travel, regardless if it's for one night or for an entire month. Every client is significantly important to me and I am proud to serve them through the years. I enjoy working with people to ensure their dream trips come true or their business needs are met.

Audrey Weatherly

Travel Specialist

I have been in the travel industry for almost 30 years. I spent my childhood in England, and I lived in Canada before moving to the United States. I have traveled to most of the 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. I particularly enjoy cruising the Caribbean and have extensive experience on several cruise lines. Europe is favorite destination of mine and I travel there frequently. My experiences bring firsthand knowledge to my clients and I enjoy being able to help them fulfill their travel dreams. In addition to vacation travel, I have had the great satisfaction of assisting various religious organizations with ministry travel all over the world.

Shirleen Askenazi

Travel Specialist

I am a native El Pasoan having graduated from El Paso High and University of Texas at El Paso. I have worked at Sun Travel in Outside Sales since 2002. My expertise is in organizing family and group cruises and tours. I have cruised to Greek Isles, Caribbean, British Isles, Mexico and Alaska. I love to travel and have had the opportunity to travel to Israel, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Thailand, Japan, Korea, London, and Ireland. I enjoy working at Sun Travel and helping my clients, friends, and family plan their Dream Vacations.

Priscilla Haynes

Travel Specialist

I have worked in the travel industry since 1981 and came to Sun Travel in 1985. I have had the privilege of traveling all over the world, so it is hard to pin down a favorite place. In addition to the busy pace at the office, I also enjoy playing golf and making jewelry. One of the best things about my job is that even if I haven't made it to a destination, I can do so vicariously through my clients.

Monika Young

Travel Specialist

My experience as a travel agent started in 1986 and I came to Sun Travel in 2002. I have visited many countries all over the world and most of the states here at home. I believe my favorite place is Paris because it is both beautiful and romantic. When not helping my clients plan their travel, I love to read, cook and garden. The best thing about being a travel specialist is that even if I have not visited a destination myself, I have a great deal of fun planning the trip for someone else.

Gloria Martinez


I started my Sun Travel journey in 1995 after finishing my internship here. I have an Associate’s degree in Travel and Tourism, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources from the University of Texas at El Paso. My first duties started in the ticketing department where I gathered tickets and put together a delivery list for our corporate accounts. I later started monitoring our queues and issuing tickets. I have been in Accounting for the past 9 years, but still provide support to our agents issuing tickets. My best trip yet was taking my son on a Disney Cruise for Spring Break. I have promised to take him again soon.

Becky Schneider

Administrative Assistant

I began arranging travel while living in Tucumcari, NM in 1996, and made it official by obtaining my Certification in Travel Counseling in 1998, after returning to El Paso. I interned at Sun Travel and thus began my travel career. I worked as Secretary/ Assistant to then President Justine Coleman combining my secretarial skills with my new skills arranging travel, both group and corporate. As of September 2010, I returned to Sun Travel in a support capacity as Administrative Assistant. My background as a Travel Counselor and legal secretary of 14 years, helps immensely with my duties. I do my best to help our clients with whatever issue arises, whether it be in an accounting capacity or travel wise. Cruising is the best. I highly recommend the agents at Sun Travel to help you realize your dreams at sea, in the air, or on land. They’re the best!

Lupe Olivares


I was born and raised in our beautiful sun city, El Paso. I joined the Sun Travel team in 2013. Although I do not book travel myself, I do provide support help to our agents. I have a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Texas in El Paso. My hobbies include swimming, reading, and spending time with my husband and son.

Bernadette Benavides


I have worked in the support department for Sun Travel since 1997. I have traveled throughout the U.S. and parts of Mexico. My dream vacation is to travel to Spain.

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